Saturday, January 04, 2014

Garden, Crochet, Dinner. Happy. October 20th.

Now most of the gardening is really putting it to bed for the winter. One of the last roses was blooming beautifully when I went out this morning.

 (Not gardening - I zipped out to the ¥100 shop and found this fabric. Lame lambs and elephones..... :)  )
 Back to the garden. Everything in the veggie plot needs ripping out and putting away.

 Getting there!

 I want to plant bulbs along the sleepers holding back the earth from the shed.
 Got started on that. This is this year's new bought stuff, and towards the back I filled in with bulbs scavenged from round the garden.

 Working round the side of the house to the veggie plot is horrific!

 I got quite a lot yanked out quickly enough.
 Stopped for a coffee in my new ¥100 shop mug! Really pleased with this!
 Got the bulbs covered with some bags of soil that I had kicking about, as there wasn't really enough in this bit. I also put in blocks under the fence to retain the soil from the back neighbour's garden.
 Came in for tea. Sausage, egg and chips with good strong Yorkshire tea. Nom.
 I finished my shopping bag.
 As predicted, it's HUGE! Very useful for heavy duty shopping.

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Merita said...

Oh what would I give for a ¥100 shop ... :)