Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tohoku Trip Day 1 - Feast in Miyako

We got to the hotel in Miyako around 4 pm and having been on the go for twelve hours we all collapsed for a nap! Seiju and I had one room and the boys shared another with Jiichan. The hotel was nice but old and rather shabby. It had that old Japanese hotel smell which is a mix of tobacco smoke soaked wallpaper and old tatami. But it was clean and it is the sort of place that Jiichan likes, so he was happy at the familiarity of it all. 

 We had our own private dining room and Seiju had asked them to put chairs and tables in as Jiichan's knee doesn't do sitting on the floor for long periods any more.
 Miyako is a seaside town of course, so the food was extremely fishy. Really delicious, though I couldn't eat all of it. 
Top row, from the left - an oyster cooking on a bed of salt with the flame below the dish, sashimi (raw fish - yellowtail, scallops and some white fish), pink grapefruit and kiwi slices, the metal pot to the right is rice cooked with sea urchin and scallops. 

Middle row from left: beer! A plate with lemon for the oyster, small fish with flying fish roe, three varieties of pickles in the blue dish, broccoli, carrots and fish steamed together. 

Bottom row - a wooden saucer for the raw sea urchin that was brought in later (photo in a minute) roast chicken, large shrimp, rolled omelette and chopped raw squid in a fish roe. (Fresh, not fermented), vinegared herring slices with cucumber, chrysanthemum petals and crab meat, also all vinegared, soy sauce for the sashimi and to the right under the spoon, egg custard with sea urchin and scallops. 

They also brought noodles which Yoshi ate happily.
 My oyster. I just can't eat the things. The shell was about six inches long. Huge! Jiichan ate three of the five we had between us!
 Raw sea urchin with wasabi on the top. Seiju ate four of the five brought to us!
 Little white fish mixed with flying fish roe.
Sashimi. Really good. I had Yoshi's but Harry likes it. Boo! Actually I was really impressed with Harry, he tried most of the dishes and was surprisingly adventurous.

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