Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Visiting Jiichan, December 17th

Jiichan went into hospital on the 10th December for a knee replacement operation. It went well and we've been visiting every day. MIL has been very annoying and obstructive but we've all decided just to ignore her and go on as if she wasn't there. For some reason she's been lying about us being able to visit, telling us that kids aren't allowed, that the nurses have said we can't visit, etc etc. When I ask the nurses directly they say they have said nothing of the sort and we can visit when we like. Now we check everything with the nurses first. I have gotten fed up with being tactful so I've started saying "My mother in law says you say we can't visit. Could you let us know when it is OK to do so" (or whatever) and they just blink and say they have never said anything of the kind and visitors, particularly beloved grandchildren, are exactly what he needs. Sigh. She is also obsessive about food and gifts, snatching everything off him as soon as it's given and taking it away with her. He has diabetes and is on a restricted diet I know but it's mad the way she's going about it. I gave him some plain fizzy water and it got snatched off him "because it will make him want to drink beer." WTH??? Even if it did he's confined to bed in a hospital so he's not exactly going to get any, is he??!

 Anyway, he's much better today, he can sit up well and even shuffle about with a walker (he's been up since the day after his operation but he's needed a lot of help and it has been very painful. Now he seems to have much less pain and he can get about unaided.)
The local university has lovely lights in its grounds. We pass by on the way to the hospital each evening.

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