Monday, November 19, 2012

Not just first snow, more like first blizzard!

The snow that started yesterday never let up till the middle of the night. It started as sleety slushy stuff but quickly became the real thing. I am NOT READY for winter!!!
 This was taken in the car last night on the way to the home centre to get bulbs for a light that suddenly burned out.
And this was taken as the sun was rising this morning. Weird to have such definite snow with some autumn leaves still on the trees. Makes for interesting photos though.


shinshu life said...

ouch. That's not a very friendly first snow. :( And I had to laugh- when you said 'to buy bulbs' I immediately assumed you meant living bulbs.... ;P Was it hard buying the 'wrong' kind? ;P

Oyome-san said...

Me too - I thought: MORE bulbs???? Is the woman garden crazy??? And the answer is "Yes"!!!