Thursday, April 02, 2009

It Must Be April Fool's Day...

OK, I have bitten the bullet and have decided to do the 30 Day Shred every day this month. I bought the DVD back in February but when I tried it, it was far too difficult for me and I went back to my Leslie Sansone DVDs for the next month or so.

I am now another couple of kg lighter and another month stronger, and exactly a month away from a trip to Honshu with the family to meet long-term friends, which is a great motivator in wanting to be firmer and fitter by then.

There's a 30-day Shred group of bloggers led by Motherhood Uncensored that I have been following over the past month. They finished their 30 days yesterday, but a couple of the graduates have set up rival teams to continue with another month of exercises, so I've joined Bill's Team Jillian as they are going on with Shred-related exercises while the other team's going for a different trainer. There are already several people starting the Shred who didn't get in on things last month, so I shan't be alone.

You may also have noticed my 20/20 button to the right... That's another bandwagon I have joined! This challenge is being run by Ashlee who has lost a tremendous amount of weight and is doing it in great style with a lot of emphasis on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Her blog is packed with good advice and she also has a food blog that is really interesting. (Though a lot of the recipes are fairly hard to do here in Japan, she has a lot of lovely ideas.) She's running a challenge to lose 20 lbs in 20 weeks. I have been losing that much on average but it's nice to feel accountable, and another 20 lbs will put me very close to my goal. This is a longer range goal than the 30 day Shred which is a much more temporary thing, though looking at last month's batch of photos, I'm hoping I'll get similar results!

I did the first workout tonight and it went much better than I expected. I am using 1kg weights and can do most of the strength moves with them. The cardio does me in and I can't get through to the end of the second reps so I just walked in place for a few steps before trying to catch up. I had similar trouble with the second set of abs work, though I got through MUCH more than in February when I tried. I think the twice-weekly aerobics classes are helping!

We are encouraged to post starting photos and stats, which I .... maybe .... will do - still thinking about that one. I will certainly take photos tomorrow and measure all the bits but it's too late tonight to be bothered with that.

Wish me luck!


Kim said...

Good luck, and I am so impressed! I wish I had some of that strength! I need a no-impact aerobic DVD. Hmmm. I want to checkout your walking DVD's. Are they walking in place with arm exercises?

Bill said...

You asked for good luck! :) 30 Day Shred has made a huge difference for me, and I'm loving it!

As for pics, even if you don't post them, you should take them. Measurements too. I wish I'd taken measurements at the beginning of March, and now I've missed seeing those numbers improve. Oh well...clothes that fit are pretty great too!

Go Team Jillian!