Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Really Fun Day Out.

Today we went with friends to our favourite park, Ecorin Mura. I took over a hundred photos so prepare for a deluge!The centre of a stalk of curly kale.
Petting a miniature horse.
A lovely rose in the rose garden.
Amina - little miss cockatoo hair! Is that the cutest thing or what??! My boys were total eggheads at that age (and for a long time after...)
Yoshi in the play area.
A bee on a flower (not sure what it is, maybe a dahlia?)
Yoshi and Harry in the Tiger Garden.
The centre of a house leek - lovely spiraling colours!
An old rusty gate in the Dragon Garden.
Purple curly kale, ruby chard and nasturtiums in the Kitchen Garden.
A red dragonfly that came to sit on the bench with me.
Annie and a bear.
Yoshi running up the stairs to the Tiger Garden.
In the Kitchen Garden.
Looking down onto the kitchen garden.
Monica, Amina and Aiden.
A female stag beetle that the kids brought over to show us.
Look Mums! A beetle!
Is the cutest baby?? Or is this the cutest baby?? She is so cheerful and smily.
Lovely Mum and Babe.
Another gorgeous rose.
Kids on a swing in the rose garden.
And... another rose!
Harry and Yoshi in the sports park.
Lots of really fun equipment, though Harry is a bit small yet.
Yaaaaah! What a tough guy!
Harry and Elly working together.
Yoshi in the tree house.


Awesome Mom said...

Fun pictures. That baby's hair is hilarious!

Lulu said...

Great photos! I tried to see them last night but my internet was playing up so came back today to have a nosy around! hehe!

That baby (Amina is it? pretty name!) has the cutest hair!

What a great park by the way, so much to see and do by the looks of it!

I loved the photo with the bee too! What sort of camera do you use?

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Girl Japan said...

OMG goodness!!! I have never seen such greenery in Japan- the photos are beautiful- what type of camera do you use?

Strawberry = )

Vicky said...

I love this park, it is a very short drive away and it is so green and lush. It was designed by an English woman and I think you can see it. I certainly feel very at home there!

We have a new camera, a digital SLR (Olympus 520??) and I don't know how to use it properly yet so all those photos were taken on the automatic settings. It is SO MUCH better than my little point and shoot and I am really enjoying it, but it is much bigger and bulkier and you can't just stuff it in a pocket, which I miss.

Seiju takes better pictures with it than I do but he didn't turn up till near the end yesterday!