Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nashi Syrup Cake


JoJoEbi talked about making nashi cakes on her blog the other day and it inspired me. She made cup cakes but I made an upside down cake. Reading her post made me drool, then today a student's mum gave me a big bag of nashi! Yeay!

I drizzled (overdid it, oops!) golden syrup into the bottom of the cake tin, then sliced two nashi (Japanese apple pears) into the bottom of the pan and spread them out. Then I made a normal all-in-one sponge cake and put it on top the the nashi. Baked it for 45 minutes, and turned it out onto a plate.

Typically, Harry, who loves fresh nashi, reacted to a Scary New Thing by absolutely refusing to taste it or even go anywhere near it in case it turned out to be poisnonous. So Yoshi and I cut big slices and enjoyed it very much.

It would have been much improved with a big slug of custard on top but never mind... And I put a mite too much syrup in, and as the nashi are very mild flavoured, perhaps the juice of half a lemon would have given it a bit of zing. But I am not complaining.

Yoshi's already planning on having another slice for breakfast. Oink. (Me too. Oink, oink!)


jojoebi said...

oh dear, looks like I am going to HAVE to make this too!

Sheri said...

mmmm, custard and nashi sounds sooo good!
I just scrolled down and saw your baby pic-you have a twin brother, too! Don't you think it's funny when people ask if you are identical?!