Monday, August 25, 2008

Late August Garden

On Saturday I had a big gardening session, and did a lot of weeding in the beds that can be seen from the classroom window. There's still a big chunk of that bit of garden just out of sight that needs dealing with.
The front flower bed is not too bad at the moment, as the cosmos is in full bloom, and a lot of plants that I was given by various people have taken hold.
White gaura, petunias, day lilies from a friend (finished!) and big pink lilies (also finished!)
Mostly annual plants "won" at the school's sports day, where they give out plants to anyone who takes part in any event!
Moss roses, given to me by a student's mother. She says they will come back next year, but even if I don't I shall buy some as they are very showy and have thrived even in this very poor soil. They are closed in this picture because it was so dark and cold yesterday.
The cosmos in full bloom.

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Girl Japan said...

Nice Striking camera shots Viki!!