Monday, August 25, 2008

Hungry??? CUP NOODLE!

If you want to see one of the "HUNGRY???? CUP NOODLE!" ads that my title comes from, click on the link! There are lots of them and they are still funny, even though they were done in the early 1990's. I liked them because even though I had just arrived in Japan and could barely speak a word of Japanese, I could understand these commercials!On Sunday the kids and I went to the 50th anniversary open day of the Nisshin Cup Noodle factory! It was absolutely packed - the parking was about 1km away from the factory and though they had three shuttle buses going back and forth, the lines for them were several buses wait, so we walked there and back.
Autumn has suddenly come and it was chilly (about 16C/60F) which was a shock as it's been at least ten degrees more than that (C!) up until yesterday when the temperature zonked. It's the first time I have worn shoes and socks in about 8 weeks!
We were handed a map of the factory grounds, and had to go around getting five stamps for a free gift at the end, so as there were so many people, it meant a LOT of lining up and waiting, but there was stuff to watch as we did it, and the kids were in a really good mood. The free gift turned out to be a bag of chicken ramen and ordinary ramen, two each so we came home with six pots of the stuff. Kids are happy....!
I was going to say recently that stupid English on T-shirts seemed to be on the wane but this summer there's been a huge resurgence. I have perfected the technique of getting Yoshi to stand slightly to the side of the person, so I can pretend to be photographing him, but I focus on the shirt instead.

Lunch was, guess what? Instant ramen! I don't like it but the boys LOVE it so they were very happy.

Then we had a tour of the factory - the interesting bits had big "No photography" posters on the windows, so I couldn't take any pictures inside, but it was really interesting watching the dough get globbed out and rolled into flat sheets, then thinner and thinner, then cut, put into shape and then fried by the conveyor belt going through the oil, dried, packaged (they were making curry ramen yesterday!) then boxed. The factory isn't that big when you think about how much they produce but it was going at top speed and all the workers were rushing about - it looked like quite hard work in terms of keeping up with the machinery.
The dough being rolled out and sent up a conveyor belt to be rolled again.
Little cakes of fried noodles ready to be put into the pots.


Gina said...

That is very cool that you and the family went to the Nisshin Cup Noodle factory! I love going to food factories of any kind! I went to the Keebler factory when I was little and was just awed! I would have loved to go to the Nisshin Cup of Noodle factory very much! : )

60F is indeed a bit chilly isn't it? I think so! Especially since you have been used to such lovely warmer weather.

And LOL, about that shirt! : )

Awesome Mom said...

Those stupid English shirts always crack me up.

Vicky said...

I'm going to try to photograph more of them but it's hard to do without causing offence!