Tuesday, August 26, 2008

HORRIBLE caterpillars eating my plants! UPDATED And UPDATED again!

Apparently it's called a fruit piercing moth in English and they certainly are a pest. Sorry caterpillars, spray, spray...... (More today!!)

Yoshi found the caterpillars in one of his bug reference books.
It is an "Akebi Konoha" in Japanese, and its latin name is Adris tyrannus amurensis which apparently doesn't have a common name. "Adris" refers to vampires as it sucks fruit (ick!) and a name like "tyrannus" suits it too. This is the adult moth:-

I am sorry to say that as soon as it stops raining, I am going to spray them. It says it's a pest and is very common so I feel I'm not doing too much damage.

Interestingly enough, the books says they live on Akebi - which are known in English as Chocolate Vines, and yep, that's the plant it's chomping on! So I've learned something else about my garden today. Thanks, Yoshi!
First of all, this is a mystery plant I have in my garden, it's a perennial and flowers now, at the end of August and into September - does anyone have any idea of what it is?I found loads of these things on my plants today - I had an infestation of the same things a couple of years ago and they stripped this bush totally clean of leaves within a couple of days. I am going to have to spray them tomorrow, yuck, yuck!
What are they the caterpillars of? I think they might be a luna moth of some description but I am not sure. The ground under this bush is absolutely littered with poos from the caterpillars, each one the size of a Tic-Tac. The caterpillars themselves are at least as big as my thumb, maybe a bit bigger.
Chinese balloon flowers (Kikyu) I have single white ones, single blue ones, two single lavender ones and a double blue one.
Ick, Ick, Ick, but on the other hand, aren't they beautiful? The blue bits on them are iridescent. I feel like a murderer planning to spray them but they did such serious damage before that one tree in the garden almost died.
Phlox, in front of the classroom door.Just as I was out photographing the bugs, and waiting for my students to arrive, Jiichan turned up to say hello. He went down the road to look for Yoshi and Harry who should be arriving home from school at any time, found them, and walked back home with them.


Awesome Mom said...

Those are creepy but interesting looking caterpillars. Maybe you could keep a few in a jar and see what they turn into.

Anonymous said...

How interesting looking!
Looks like something a child would invent and draw.
Someone in the neighbourhood must know what they are, and I bet they have a really creative common name.
Good luck,
Shikoku L.

Gina said...

Those dirty rotten scoundrels!!! Trying to feast on your garden like that!!! Especially after all your hard work and we all know the hard work that went into your garden! Seriously, I think you should totally give them a good and thorough spraying! They won't know what hit 'em!!! : ) Rotten little suckers!!!

Fwiw, I had 2 zucchini plants at the start of the summer. One thrived and is big and produces veg even today! But the other one was eaten to bits. Never had a chance to even grow. I had to throw the plant away. Now what I shoulda done was gassed the blasted bugs who feasted on my plant! Ha ha ha. Next year if it happens again....I will! Ha ha ha. : )

Girl Japan said...

What is that... it is so Kawaii--- I have never grown a garden in my LIFE-- I am seriously jealous..